Mr Vishnu Mittal

is National Convenor of the Aao Sath Chalen. He is well known politician and treasurer Of Delhi Bhartiya Janta Party. Apart from politics, social service is his identity. As a grassroots leader, he has implemented these two schemes, water conservation and food to the hungry.

Aao Sath Chalen

is a national level voluntary organization. The organization is mainly working continuously on the mission of water conservation and food security and no one goes hungry. Help in the treatment of cancer victims, help in food, health and education to poor families is also part of the continuous work being done by the organization. Assistance in marriage of destitute family girls is also done from time to time.

Jal Hi Kal Mission

Under the Jal Hi Kal Mission, the organization started the work of digging ponds and cleaning the stepwells in such areas of Kotputli, Jaipur where the water level had gone down considerably. Village Sudarpura is included in such area. Here the work of excavation of three big ponds and cleaning of many stepwells has been done by the organization.


Presently the organization is running Prasadam campaign in four hospitals, Bdm Hospital Kotputli in Jaipur, RML Hospital, Lady Hardings Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi Through this, every day food packets are given to the attendants accompanying 1000 patients.

Hundreds of people celebrate birthdays, marriage anniversaries and death anniversaries through this program. This is a unique initiative of its kind. The organization has also set up a help desk in RML. Through this, patients coming for treatment are helped. Our volunteers are always present in emergency, OPD.

Every day, hundred kilos of flour poori are also fed to the monkeys as part of the Prasadam.